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Horseman’s Health: Quality Sleep to Avoid the Grumps

Not only does getting inadequate amounts of sleep make you a grump, but it also affects many of your cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, attention and ability to problem solve. This makes you less productive as well as just not much fun to be around. Lack of sleep can also be a dangerous thing … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: A New You For the New Year

Have you made your New Year resolution yet this year? Or have you given up on making a New Year resolution because you haven’t been successful in the past? If so, you are certainly not alone as John C. Norcross, PhD, University of Scranton psychology professor reports that 60% of those who make a resolution … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Managing Stress for the Holidays

As if life isn’t stressful enough juggling family, work, and social commitments, the holidays are here to bring a whole new level of stress. Sure the holidays can be a fun and joyous time, but there’s no denying they also bring on stress in the form of preparing for celebrations, travel, and possibly having more … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Feed Your Brain to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Did you know your brain uses more nutrients than any other organ in your body? True! It is also uses up quite a bit of the energy the body produces. Only the heart uses more than the brain. To keep your brain functioning well for you it needs to have the right brain food to … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Don’t Let Cold and Flu Season Ruin Your Holiday Season

Here comes winter which can be a great time of the year to celebrate holidays with family and friends, but it also means extra stress getting ready for the holidays and that leaves you more susceptible to winter colds and flu. Now is the time to really start getting your immune system in shape to … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Is Your Immune System Ready for Fall?

With kids back at school getting more exposure to germs and Fall fast approaching with cold and flu season, is your immune system ready to take it all on? If not, then it’s time to get it in shape and help it out with some natural solutions for immune support. Your Immune System Your immune … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Fat Can Be A Good Thing

We all know that carrying around a lot of extra weight is not good for our health. Too much weight can put us at risk for heart disease, increased LDL cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems, and some types of cancer and diseases. Belly fat in particular breaks down into fatty … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Food To Keep In A Good Mood

If you find yourself struggling to keep in a good mood or are one of the twenty million Americans with a mood disorder, the solution could be right in your kitchen. Here are some tips to eat your way to being in a better mood. Omega-3 Fatty Acid – According to studies like one at … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Have You Got the Guts for Good Health?

You may not realize how much your guts actually do for you and how important gut health is for overall good health. According to Len Saputo, M.D., the gut is the largest immune organ you have. In addition, around 80% of our protective immunoglobulins are produced in the gut. Your intestines not only contribute to … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Get Ready for Summer With an Energy Boost

Summer will be here before you know it, is your energy level ready for it? Summertime means extra outdoor activities like camping, swimming, biking as well as kids and grandkids around, events to attend, vacations to take, and all sorts of activities that you’ll need a boost in energy to get it all done. There … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Eating Your Way to a Happy Life

There are days when I just know that my path to happiness exists in a chocolate donut, but I also know that this type of happiness will not be lasting and this is not ultimately the way to a happy life. Lots of research exists showing the connection between food and our mood or happiness … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Healthy Aging Naturally

We can’t stop those birthdays from coming every year and really with age comes wisdom, right. It’s not that we mind getting older so much as it is that we don’t want to look and feel older. There are three major things that cause our bodies to age: Cell and tissue damage from free radicals … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Support Your Gut to Boost Your Immune System

Did you know that your intestinal tract is actually part of your immune system? If you find yourself catching every cold and flu bug going around, it may be that you need to strengthen your digestive system to get your immune system working better for you. We usually pay attention to our gut health when … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Health Benefits of Mushrooms

For those of you who like to get your healing remedies from nature, the health benefits of mushrooms is something to get excited about. Chinese medicine and other ancient cultures have used them for thousands of years, but scientists today are doing extensive research and finding plenty of health benefits of mushrooms. Mushrooms are in … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Bluegreen Algae… More Than Just Whole Food Nutrition

With all the media attention being given to the Ebola virus lately we’re all familiar with how serious this virus can be. It is fast moving and death can result within two weeks or even less. Since this is a serious concern that is on the minds of many currently, here’s some information that may … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Get Ready for Fall and Winter Allergies

We usually think about allergies in connection with springtime, but Fall and Winter can bring their own allergy symptoms. As colder weather approaches, we spend more time indoors and the holidays can have their own allergy triggers associated with them. No one enjoys sneezing, coughing, and runny nose and eyes so now is the time … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Is Your Liver Loving You?

Do you realize how dependent your overall health and your body are on your liver? The liver has a big job to do. As part of the digestion process, nutrients must pass through the liver to be changed into forms the body can use. What can’t be used is either then sent out as waste … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Is Stress Stressing You Out? Natural Ways of Coping With Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on our health and the more stressed out we are, the harder it is to take the time to do the things we know help us in managing stress. Knowing we need to be dealing with stress often just leads to more stress. Well here are a few tips of quick … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Healthy Aging

Healthy aging is something we all want. As we get older we all want to be pain free, mobile, active, mentally alert and healthy enough to keep doing the things we enjoy. As part of a healthy lifestyle there are natural solutions that can help with healthy aging. The first step towards healthy aging is … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Dark Chocolate Benefits for Your Gut

We’ve talked before about how chocolate can actually help you slim down. There are other dark chocolate health benefits too including using chocolate to support gut health. When we talk about chocolate for health benefits we’re talking about real, dark chocolate and preferably organic with 65% cacao or more. Processed chocolate with lots of sugar, … Continue Reading »