This blog was started to tell the story of my move to Fischer, but now it has become another way to tell the rest of the story. My main reason for wanting my own place was to have more of a connection to my horses (Cerise and Remi) and my mule (Tess). Now I have added 2 cats, chickens, and milk goats to the herb. These animals bring constant joy into my life.

This blog helps me share daily case studies related to holistic horse care and Five Element temperament typing. I know I learn more from actual cases than studying theory. Through the cases I can share what supplements work for me, and how I use them. Much more information is available on the Holistic Horsekeeping and Horse Harmony websites. You may also find interesting information at the Horse Health Hotline, which is free for anyone to read.

I have included a section on the books that have influenced my thinking as well as a section on network marketing. The benefit to my health and the residual income I have from the business aspect of network marketing has played a big part in my ability to live and practice the way I that I do. You can check out my network marketing company HERE.

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