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Horseman’s Health: What Causes Allergy in Spring and How to Avoid Feeling Muddled

Leave a comment When spring springs forth, do you enjoy the beautiful flowers or do you wonder, “What causes allergy?” because you are so tired of all the sneezing, runny eyes, runny nose …? If those symptoms match what happens to you every spring, then you suffer from seasonal allergies, what is commonly called “hay … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: Spring is here!: Let’s Refresh with the season

By guest contributor Barb Swanson (author of Beyond Foods: The Handbook of Functional Nutrition) Keep It Fresh This SpringThe sun is shining. Spring showers are falling. Birds are singing and plants are popping up all over. Spring is here! It’s the season of refreshing. Our world is renewing itself. Let’s keep up and renew our … Continue Reading »