Horseman’s Health: Life Hacks to Avoid Diabetes

by guest contributor Barb Swanson

We Know It’s a Problem
Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is a national epidemic. 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, and another 3 of every 10 are prediabetic. This means close to 40% of our population is at risk for a largely preventative killing disease, since 95% of diabetics have T2D. There is evidence that T2D may, in some people, have hereditary factors. However, everyone has lifestyle choices they can control, which are proven to help prevent the development of T2D, even in hereditary cases. Here is a short list of easy-to-follow lifestyle hacks to cut your risk of developing T2D.

Lifestyle Hacks

  • Watch your weight. 85% of those with T2D are overweight. Maintaining normal weight can protect against T2D, and losing weight often brings blood sugars back into normal ranges.
  • Exercise daily. Physical activity, even just walking, decreases insulin resistance in the muscles. Your body has better blood sugar control with even minimal daily exercise.
  • Drink less alcohol. It is loaded with sugars and has a negative effect on the liver, which can affect blood sugar levels.
  • Think twice about statins for high cholesterol. Studies show they can cause insulin resistance and ultimately T2D.

Dietary Hacks

  • Eat enough Omega 3 fatty acids. A deficiency in this EFA group is associated with a higher risk of diabetes. Find omega 3 healthy fats in freshwater algae, cold water fish like salmon and sardines, and/or eating a variety of seeds and nuts. Other benefits include better heart health and brain function.
  • Get enough Vitamin D. Studies show that taking vitamin D3 to normalize levels decreases the likelihood of developing the disease despite any genetic predisposition. Vt. D also reduces many other disease processes.
  • Eat enough dietary fiber. Fiber decreases the risk of T2D. Find soluble fiber in bananas, oatmeal, apples and beans. Insoluble fiber sources include beans, bran and vegetables like celery and cauliflower.
  • Eat antioxidant-rich foods. They decrease oxidation of blood sugar and help support healthy pancreatic function. These foods include microalgae, berries, and actually, all brightly colored edible raw fruits and vegetables.

Bottom Line…
T2D is a killer that you have the power to avoid!