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Tips to Keep your Laminitis or Laminitis-prone Horse Healthy this Spring

If your horse is currently not experiencing any symptoms of laminitis, making sure he is healthy and ready for warmer weather and greener pastures can prepare him for the coming season. If your horse has laminitis symptoms already, then there are precautions you can take. 1. Check Weight and Insulin Levels – Overweight horses and … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Care: Avoiding laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a devastating condition once it takes hold. With a holistic horse care program you can significantly lower the risk of laminitis in horses but you still must stay alert for early signs of the condition. There is no vaccine against laminitis in horses, so diet and management are your best defenses. … Continue Reading »

Laminitis in Horses: York – Part 2

Laminitis in horses is always bad but for poor York it was devastating as he was recovering from his bad trailer wreck. York’s system was already stressed and I worried about his overall nutritional status. His coat was dull and he was about 100 pounds underweight. My first goal was to get nutrient dense food … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: Laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is always a serious holistic horse health emergency, but York’s case has been a real challenge. York, a 4 year old, Thoroughbred, race horse was thrown from his trailer when it was rolled in a major wreck. When the emergency workers arrived on the scene they found York standing in the median … Continue Reading »

The moral aspects of treating laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a devastating disease with many complicating factors. Finding the cause of the laminitis is only one challenge, then you have to deal with treating the laminitis and dealing with the damage done to the feet. Another issue that is not discussed as much is the moral aspects of treating laminitis in … Continue Reading »

Educating verses persuading

My network marketing mentor is a master at edification. The dictionary definition of edification is instruction; especially moral or spiritual instruction or improvement. Edify means to build or construct, to build or establish. An edifice is a building, especially a large one of imposing appearance: often used figuratively.   In network marketing edification is used … Continue Reading »

Are drugs ever OK? Treating laminitis horses

I am continuing in a dialog with my newsletter subscriber who was concerned about my use of pergolide. Her experience was with an insulin resistant horse that did not respond to supplements but did respond to the Floth horse supplements from Dr. Thomas. She was very happy with the individual coaching she received from the … Continue Reading »

What is holistic care?

I wrote my newsletter the last 2 months on a laminitis horse case study. In this case of a cushings horse with elevated ACTH on blood work and severe laminitis I used a drug called pergolide to treat her. In the past I have not wanted to use pergolide because it can cause side effects … Continue Reading »

What you need to know to treat a laminitis horse

There are some critical questions to ask yourself when you have a laminitis horse. 1. Did this laminitis come on suddenly or develop over time? Has this horse had a short gait or episodes of unexplained foot soreness? Do you see evidence such as horizontal rings around the hoof wall that would suggest long term … Continue Reading »

Owners can treat laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a challenging condition to treat because no two cases present the same way. The individual presentation of the laminitis horse makes this condition especially difficult for a busy equine practitioner who may not have the time to observe and research treatments for each case. Sometimes equine practitioners may not even be … Continue Reading »