Holistic Horsekeeping Newsletter February 2023

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Volume 28, Number 2


Aph. flos-aquae (AFA )
Why would you feed AFA algae to your horse?

Because many horses never get access to pasture that would supply them with the fresh enzymes and micronutrients they need for optimum health. AFA algae has so much in common with natural pasture grass.

Here are some examples of AFA algae physical and energetic attributes. – Wild grown in natural environment
– When carefully processed enzymes are still present in product
– Very bitter flavor which supports the nervous system and provides sense of well being
– Wonderful source of chlorophyll
– Drying
– Cooling
– Builds Yang energy
– Contains phycocyanin and phycoerythrin

New Earth offers two forms of AFA algae, Body and Mind.
AFA Body is the full algae and a good choice for a hard working performance horse or any horse with good energy that does not have access to quality pasture.
I start horses on 4 tablets or capsules and day but this can be increased based on the horse’s level of work.

AFA Mind is the algae with the cell wall removed so it is the heart of the algae with higher levels of nutrients to support the brain and nervous system. Mind is the product I reach for most often for horses in regular work that need support in mental focus and micro nutrition. I generally start with 4 tablets or capsules but I don’t hesitate to go higher if a horse is recovering from illness or is in any kind of stressful situation, such as showing or training.

Both Body and Mind can be purchased in 120, 240 or 480 size bottles and the price is quite competitive when you consider how little is needed to see big changes in health.
If you prefer to feed a powder ,or are not sure which product would be best for your horse, you can use the Wild Algae Blend which is a powdered mix of half Body and half Mind. I feed 1 tsp of this product and the 3.5 oz container will last about 1 month.

The source of micro algae is critical. Chlorophyll will degrade rapidly after algae is harvested. If the harvested product is not handled in a specific way it can contain degraded chlorophyll which is toxic to the liver. All good micro algae should have a bright green color and smell like fresh cut grass.

Specific descriptions and more information is available on my website: www.Holistichorsekeeping.com

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