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New to network marketing – take small steps

After 18 months of drought here in Texas, I had forgotten the value of taking small steps. It took 2 slides down on my butt to remind me to proceed carefully when the footing is uncertain. I got to thinking how this also applies to those starting a network marketing business. Some people are excited … Continue Reading »

Why starting a new business is hard?

Ever wonder what is so hard about starting a network marketing business? We know a successful network marketing business can make a huge positive change in our lifestyles and the risks are so small but still we don’t make the time to do the things needed for starting and growing our business. I just read … Continue Reading »

Workouts verses regular exercise

I was on my regular Monday night Xango training call and one of our trainers was talking about helping new people get started in network marketing. Because doing network marketing in a professional way requires developing certain skill sets, Mike made the comparison of starting a network marketing home based business to beginning a workout … Continue Reading »

The MLM Myth of Finding Five People

Guest post by Stephanie So there you are, sitting in a restaurant, watching this person draw little circles on a paper placemat. The person says, “All you have to do is find five people, and those people will find five people. And then, voila, you have this giant network and even bigger checks showing up … Continue Reading »

Fear of the MLM Snob Factor

Guest Post by Stephanie Running Into MLM Snobs? I just got off the phone with a good friend who is joining our MLM group. He’s in a really tricky place right now, and I sympathize with him a lot. He’s torn between excitement about the huge possibilities of this new opportunity and his fear of … Continue Reading »

Who is a match for you?

I spent much of the day yesterday calling some new leads for network marketing and following up on some past ones. I will admit this is not my favorite part of this business but it is getting easier for me to do. I have learned from talking to hundreds of leads that there are some … Continue Reading »