Tilting at windmills

I put a call in yesterday to my stock broker. I have been watching the market go up but I am feeling less and less comfortable with being part of this system. I am selling all my mutual funds and getting into some commodities and a few companies I have personal experience with.

This is a sad thing for me to not have faith in the “free market” but the pursuit of profit at all costs is not what works for me. I want to be a part of only things that are real and offer tangible, positive benefits. What I am seeing going on in this country right now does not seem real to me. It is one big bubble after another waiting to burst.

When companies purposely mislead investors to make the bottom line look better and then use the investors money to defend the charges and then when they lose, use the investors money to pay the fines and no one is held personally responsible I draw the line and get out. Not only that, but credit card companies accept billions of taxpayer bailout funds and then play hardball with those same taxpayers when they attempt to set up reasonable payment plans after losing a job.

On the other hand I love being a part of my network marketing company. Not only is it real to me, I am a 50/50 partner. I know the founders and get to hear from them on a regular basis and I see them making decisions that not only grow the bottom line of the company but also bring direct and tangible benefits to me and my team. Then I see the company taking a substantial portion of their profits and devoting them to helping less fortunate people all over the world.

I then see the company encouraging the field to become part of their philanthropical endeavors and paying commissions on our contributions. Man, talk about a different picture of what the “free market” can actually look like. Also, when I market our products I never intend to interrupt people’s lives and try to convince them through loud, annoying advertising that they should buy my product. I invite people to look at something I have seen positive results with and let them make their choice in their own way and time.

Maybe I tilt at too many windmills but I still believe in a free market system that works for everyone, company owners, workers, suppliers and customers. A system where companies make a nice profit for providing quality, fairly priced, consumable products that raise the quality of life of the people who use their products and many people along the way benefit, from suppliers to employees and distributors.

I believe the free market, capitalist system is still the best and most fair way to do business in the world. Maybe we just need more people willing to tilt at windmills by standing up and doing things to bring this system back to what it can and should be. Search your heart and you will find what those things are. Madalyn

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