Who is a match for you?

I spent much of the day yesterday calling some new leads for network marketing and following up on some past ones. I will admit this is not my favorite part of this business but it is getting easier for me to do. I have learned from talking to hundreds of leads that there are some people I naturally like from our first conversation. Sometimes I can even tell I like them from the message they leave. These are the people I am naturally drawn to and would like the most on my team in network marketing.

The lead system I use has the prospect say why they would be a good person to talk to about my home based business. I have learned that there are may reasons people want a home based business and they are all valid. I am drawn to the entrepreneur types who talk about wanting to be their own boss and have more control in their lives.

I guess my favorite people are the dreamers. Those who want something more but don’t know exactly what that something is. One of the core principles of success in network marketing is to have a strong compelling why and this is important but so is having a strong compelling need to grow and find out who you really are. My strong compelling why has always been to wake up every morning and choose if I want to work that day. Since I actually love to work I am not concerned about ever becoming a lazy couch potato but I want to choose what I work on, for how long and with who.

My favorite type people to be in business with are those who are always wanting to learn more and be more. They are busy people and don’t always have the best people skills. When I joined my first network marketing company I was working about 70 hours a week and I dived in with both feet and learned everything I could about my products. I aggravated many people with my enthusiasm but over time I learned the skill of how to invite people to look at what I offered without offending them. As a rule the people I like best are not great followers which presents a bit of a challenge in a business that is based on duplicating a successful system.

I have a team of people I love in my business. My frustration has been in my team not finding their perfect team. It only takes 3 to 5 people to build a huge group if you can teach them to find their 3 to 5. I am thinking that my focus on teaching skills is less important than teaching people to find out who they really are and who they enjoy being around. When people tell me that none of their friends would be interested I can’t help but wonder if they are hanging out with people they are a match for. Not all my friends joined my networking group but almost all of them listened to what I had to say and most are very loyal customers even if the business was not a match for them.

If you are not finding partners perhaps you are trying to be someone other than yourself. If you are not sure who yourself is then start finding out and you won’t have to look so hard for partners, they will be drawn to you. Madalyn

My cat, Owl, being himself

My cat, Owl, being himself

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