Owners can treat laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a challenging condition to treat because no two cases present the same way. The individual presentation of the laminitis horse makes this condition especially difficult for a busy equine practitioner who may not have the time to observe and research treatments for each case. Sometimes equine practitioners may not even be up on the latest testing and treatment techniques because they do not have time to spend on the internet.

This is where you as a horse owner can help your horse when you step up and take the time to do internet searches and read the latest research or join forums specifically discussing this condition with others who have been successful in treating their own horses. I have written an e book “Understanding and Managing Cushing’s Disease, Insulin Resistance and Laminitis” which gives an overview of how to start in finding the best plan for individual horses.

The information in this e book gives you an idea of what tests are needed to get an accurate diagnosis as to why your horse developed laminitis and then gives specific suggestions for some safe natural treatments to get your horse back on a path to health. By addressing the systemic nature of laminitis rather than just what is happening in the horses hooves you can have a plan for complete recovery rather than symptom relief.

Many owners, once they have some understanding of laminitis in horses, are much better able to find the best treatment plan for their own horse. They are better able to observe their horse and evaluate his response to natural treatments. Pain killing drugs, which are often prescribed by veterinarians, should be avoided because they mask the symptoms and have toxic long term effects. The more knowledgeable the owner is about laminitis in horses the more a veterinarian will trust him to participate in or even take the lead in formulating a treatment plan for his horse. Madalyn

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