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The moral aspects of treating laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a devastating disease with many complicating factors. Finding the cause of the laminitis is only one challenge, then you have to deal with treating the laminitis and dealing with the damage done to the feet. Another issue that is not discussed as much is the moral aspects of treating laminitis in … Continue Reading »

Are drugs ever OK? Treating laminitis horses

I am continuing in a dialog with my newsletter subscriber who was concerned about my use of pergolide. Her experience was with an insulin resistant horse that did not respond to supplements but did respond to the Floth horse supplements from Dr. Thomas. She was very happy with the individual coaching she received from the … Continue Reading »

What is holistic care?

I wrote my newsletter the last 2 months on a laminitis horse case study. In this case of a cushings horse with elevated ACTH on blood work and severe laminitis I used a drug called pergolide to treat her. In the past I have not wanted to use pergolide because it can cause side effects … Continue Reading »

What you need to know to treat a laminitis horse

There are some critical questions to ask yourself when you have a laminitis horse. 1. Did this laminitis come on suddenly or develop over time? Has this horse had a short gait or episodes of unexplained foot soreness? Do you see evidence such as horizontal rings around the hoof wall that would suggest long term … Continue Reading »

What you need to know about laminitis in horses to be successful in treatment

When I work with laminintis horses I always focus on educating the owner. In my experience an owner who is willing to learn more about laminitis in horses is much better able to meet the needs of these individuals. First thing you need to pay attention to is what your horse eats. So many cases … Continue Reading »