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Food Sensitivities in Horses: Bud’s last chapter

Food sensitivities in horses are hard enough to deal with but in Bud’s case it turned out he was battling a tumor as well. Bud came to my clinic in June 2009 with a history of severe weight loss and colic symptoms. After observing Bud for some time it became apparent that he was frequently … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: Bud recovers quickly from a flare up of horse ulcers

Bud, my food sensitivity patient, had a flare up of his horse ulcers this weekend but instead of being set back for a week of more he was eating again in less than an hour. What a miracle compared to a few months ago. A little background. Bud has food sensitivities because he was under … Continue Reading »

Prayers answered. Bud, my food sensitivities horse, improves

Bud, my food sensitivity horse, is recovering from his severe setback. Bud did not eat more than a few handfuls of food for 10 days and the weather was in the 40’s and raining much of that time. One night got down to 18 degrees. Not only was the not eatingĀ  but he was showing … Continue Reading »

Bud’s food sensitivities explained

Bud continues to improve with his food sensitivities. He is now eating some grassĀ  like a normal horse and so far no colic. Now that he is getting to graze an hour a day he is not wanting to eat his beet pulp. Bud still gets his vegetables and his preference is, in order, carrots, … Continue Reading »

Mild colic in my food sensitivities horse, Bud

My food sensitivity challenged patient Bud is doing well. The last time I posted about Bud I had been letting him out a few hours a day to see if he could handle grass. Well he did fine after the hour on the first day but the next day I left him out for 2 … Continue Reading »

Bud July 7

I still have Bud at the clinic and he is doing great. After watching him closely for a month it was clear that he always felt bad immediately after eating. He did not act like colic so much as he seemed to have very low energy and would lay down and sleep. I finally decided … Continue Reading »