Bud July 7

I still have Bud at the clinic and he is doing great. After watching him closely for a month it was clear that he always felt bad immediately after eating. He did not act like colic so much as he seemed to have very low energy and would lay down and sleep. I finally decided that he was suffering from food sensitivities and the immune response after eating was causing his behavior.

This explained why I was not seeing a more lasting response to well selected homeopathic remedies. The food sensitivities were acting as a blockage to cure. To help him with this I changed his diet to the Aussie Logic Kool and Kalm. This feed is extruded like dog food so the foods are broken down into single amino acids that will not stimulate an immune response. Cerise has done so well on it with her wheat sensitivity.

When Bud first came to the clinic I tried him on the Kool and Kalm but his appetite was so depressed that he refused to eat it. Since being here his appetite has improved significantly so he eats it very well now. After 2 days on the new feed Bud has stopped laying down after eating and heads straight out to start on his alfalfa. I have stopped all coastal hay in case it was triggering the immune response. If Bud had continued to lay down after eating I was prepared to take him off alfalfa as well and feed him only the Kool and Kalm.

For now Bud is on 8 pounds Kool and Kalm and 4 pounds alfalfa each day. He is also getting 1 pack a day of algae, probiotics and enzymes, Aloe Vera, and Slippery Elm
and a glutamine supplement. I also give him 15cc of KLPP
twice a day to provide a good environment for healthy bacteria.

After months of inflammatory bowel problems I feel the leaky gut problem was responsible for the food sensitivities. My thinking is that if I can rest Bud’s gut with the Kool and Kalm predigested feed that eventually his gut will heal enough so he can have a more varied diet again. Madalyn

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