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Does Your Yang Ming Horse Twist His Jaw?

What is your Yang Ming horse trying to tell you with that weird jaw thingy he does? Long before I studied horse temperament typing I remember wondering why some horses would twist through the jaw for no obvious physical reason. By twist through the jaw I mean stretch out the neck and turn the head … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: The Essence of the Earth Horse

Welcome to the second in a series of articles on the essence of each temperament type horse. These articles are meant to offer a different perspective on each temperament type based on that type’s elemental basis. If you have felt somewhat confused by horse temperament typing, hopefully this series of articles will help you “feel” … Continue Reading »

The Essence of the Fire Horse

Fire is beautiful but must be handled with care. At an early age kids are taught not to play with matches or put their fingers into a flame. Yet most of us had to learn the hard way that even though fire looks beautiful and inviting, it is hot and should not be played with. … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Crazy Quirks

If you know your equine partner too well, or if you don’t know him enough, you may have trouble figuring out his horse temperament type. Don’t worry … lots of people have this problem. Lots of people have this problem not just with their horses, but with their life partners as well, so it’s no … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse a Jack Russell Terrier?

If your horse was a dog, would she be a Jack Russell Terrier? If your horse is the ultimate competitor, a tad stubborn (often to the point of rebellion), and a bold and capable athlete … then your horse might very well be a Jack Russell Terrier. And if your horse has Jack Russell Terrier … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament Typing: Keep It Simple!

Horse temperament typing can sometimes be like those picture puzzles that just look like geometric patterns, but in reality hide an image of a sandy beach with palm trees. With these picture puzzles, once you get the “Aha!” and see the hidden picture, you wonder how you missed seeing it for so long. Horse temperament … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse a Blue Heeler?

If your horse was a dog, would he be a Blue Heeler? If a strong competitive streak, boldness, courage, high energy, and a tendency toward destruction when bored are characteristics of your horse, then he might just be a Blue Heeler! These character traits would also make your horse a tough Wood temperament type. Our … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse a Labrador?

In my veterinary practice, I have discovered that treating a horse according to his temperament type is one of the most important factors to horse health and happiness. I’ve been talking to lots of people about this around the country. I’ve been writing about it in blogs and newsletters. Some people get it. Some people … Continue Reading »

Who Are You? A Horse Temperament Typing Dilemma

If you don’t know what motivates a horse to perform, how can you train your show horse to be a healthy and happy athlete? This was certainly the dilemma faced by Beckett’s owners … and many other people in the horse world as well! Beckett was a beautiful fine-featured Hanoverian gelding who was bred for … Continue Reading »

Great five element demo horses

When I was doing my presentations at Equine Affaire I had a couple of great demo horses to work with. The first one was a nice haflinger Fire mare that was a great example of how the five element types can look in different breeds. Normally when I think of a haflinger I think about … Continue Reading »