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Who Are You? A Horse Temperament Typing Dilemma

If you don’t know what motivates a horse to perform, how can you train your show horse to be a healthy and happy athlete? This was certainly the dilemma faced by Beckett’s owners … and many other people in the horse world as well! Beckett was a beautiful fine-featured Hanoverian gelding who was bred for … Continue Reading »

Which Type is Stacy Westfall’s Freestyle Reining Champion Horse Whizards Baby Doll (Roxy)?

If you are hooked into YouTube or the reining horse world at all, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen Stacy Westfall’s 2006 Championship Freestyle run aboard Whizards Baby Doll, affectionately known as Roxy. Her run, done without a bridle or saddle, incited a worldwide response via the internet. To see a video of her … Continue Reading »