Horse Temperament: Crazy Quirks

If you know your equine partner too well, or if you don’t know him
enough, you may have trouble figuring out his horse temperament type.

Don’t worry … lots of people have this problem. Lots of people have
this problem not just with their horses, but with their life partners
as well, so it’s no big deal!

Nevertheless, if you really want to live in horse harmony and know
your four-legged partner’s horse type, then we have 11 little quirks
which just might help! The difference between one horse temperament
and another may be subtle, but quirky enough for you to see.

Horse Temperament: 11 Quirks for 11 Types
We list 11 quirks below, one associated with each horse temperament
type. Scan through the list and see if any of these quirks rings a
bell. This will help you determine your horse’s temperament type,
especially if you are straddling the fence between two types!

Fire: Often rolls the tongue or flaps the lips, especially when
younger or under stress

Earth: When happy, often gives a contented sigh and carries an air
of calm and peace

Water: When balanced, has the keen look of the eagle and is one of
the most regal-looking types

Metal: Thrilled to do his job as soon as he learns it. Does a
trademark grimace with his mouth when he can’t figure out his job.

Wood: Loves to break things. If every gate, post, and horse toy on
your place is busted or bent, you’re horse is a Wood!

Shao Yang (Fire/Wood): Dislikes being touched, especially on the
feet or toward the hind end

Jue Yin (Wood/Fire): Causes trouble in a playful way … loves to
mess with you!

Tai Yang (Water/Fire): Exuberant and loves to move … the happier
he is, the faster he moves, ears pricked and exuberant! Why walk when
you can trot? Why trot when you can canter?

Shao Yin (Fire/Water): The most affectionate type, likely to nudge
you, loving, innocent

Yang Ming (Metal/Earth): Willing to please, not very spontaneous
(will give lots of warning before bucking or shying or causing

Tai Yin (Earth/Metal): Very dedicated to one-person to the point of
happily doing just about anything for the person they love, even if
the task is difficult. Will perform for others, but not eagerly.

Horse Temperament: Quirks Ring a Bell?
Hopefully the above list of quirks will help you more easily determine
horse temperament type. Sometimes it’s the little things that our
horses do that make them stand out as one horse temperament type or

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