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The Essence of the Fire Horse

Fire is beautiful but must be handled with care. At an early age kids are taught not to play with matches or put their fingers into a flame. Yet most of us had to learn the hard way that even though fire looks beautiful and inviting, it is hot and should not be played with. … Continue Reading »

Feeding a horse by Five-Element Personality Type

Although many horse owners and trainers are now beginning to acknowledge the differences between the horse personality types when it comes to training and management, few acknowledge the need for feeding a horse based on type. Yet, if each type needs to be handled and trained differently, why should all the types be fed in … Continue Reading »

Got the Wrong Amateur Horse? A Heartwarming Horse Swap Story

Looking for the perfect amateur horse to train by yourself can either be a Cinderella story or a total nightmare. Believe me, I’ve seen both. Luckily, even if you end up with a horse who is Mr. Wrong as an amateur horse, you can still have a Cinderella ending. If your current amateur horse is … Continue Reading »

Finding the Perfect Amateur Horse You Can Train on Your Own

The moment has finally arrived: you have saved up all your pennies and now you are ready to buy your dream amateur horse, the one that you are going to train mostly by yourself. You have paid your dues by taking lessons and riding more experienced horses. Now it’s time to shop for one that … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse More Like a Dog in a Horse Suit?

Some horses are just way more affectionate, kind, and gentle than others. Their love overflows and they tend to act more like dogs than horses. What kind of horses are these? They aren’t a specific breed but they are a specific horse personality type. The horse in a dog suit is an Earth horse personality … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse Afraid of the Dark?

As odd as it may seem, many horses are afraid of the dark. Horses, being prey animals as well as herd animals, often need the company of other horses to feel secure, especially in the dark. Don’t believe it? Here’s an example that might make a believer out of you, an 8-year-old quarter horse mare … Continue Reading »

Trying Out Horses for Kids: Things to Watch Out For

I cannot count the number of times I have seen people buy totally inappropriate horses for kids. I am usually called in after the horse has bucked off his little rider, run away, reared up, or done some other foul act. The new horse owners call me in to discover what health issue is causing … Continue Reading »

Choosing a Good Horse for Kids

What do you do if your kid asks for a horse for Christmas? Supposing you say, “Yes,” how do you go about picking one? How do you choose a good horse for kids? How do you find a horse who is kind, gentle, loving, and willing to please? Just as important, how do you stay … Continue Reading »

Horse Training: All Whoa and No Go?

Does your horse get sticky feet when under stress? Does he buck or rear instead of moving forward? If so, then your horse probably has a Metal, Earth, or Wood personality. Say what?!? I’m talking about Five-Element personality typing, a system whereby you can type your horse’s personality and go a long way toward predicting … Continue Reading »