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5 “Must Ask” Questions When Buying Your Dream Horse

Buying your dream horse is a huge investment, not only initially but as an ongoing expense. Making the wrong choice can be a very expensive mistake. Not only can the wrong horse cost you money, but buying a horse that is not a match for your skill level or imagined activities could actually put you … Continue Reading »

Horse Harmony: A book about horse temperament

I decided to write Horse Harmony, a book about horse temperament, after  experiencing a bad match with a tough mule named Jake. Up until Jake came into my life I assumed a good training program was the answer to all behavior issues. After working with several of the best trainers in the country I came … Continue Reading »

Got the Wrong Amateur Horse? A Heartwarming Horse Swap Story

Looking for the perfect amateur horse to train by yourself can either be a Cinderella story or a total nightmare. Believe me, I’ve seen both. Luckily, even if you end up with a horse who is Mr. Wrong as an amateur horse, you can still have a Cinderella ending. If your current amateur horse is … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse More Like a Dog in a Horse Suit?

Some horses are just way more affectionate, kind, and gentle than others. Their love overflows and they tend to act more like dogs than horses. What kind of horses are these? They aren’t a specific breed but they are a specific horse personality type. The horse in a dog suit is an Earth horse personality … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse Afraid of the Dark?

As odd as it may seem, many horses are afraid of the dark. Horses, being prey animals as well as herd animals, often need the company of other horses to feel secure, especially in the dark. Don’t believe it? Here’s an example that might make a believer out of you, an 8-year-old quarter horse mare … Continue Reading »