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Is Your Horse a Labrador?

In my veterinary practice, I have discovered that treating a horse according to his temperament type is one of the most important factors to horse health and happiness. I’ve been talking to lots of people about this around the country. I’ve been writing about it in blogs and newsletters. Some people get it. Some people … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse More Like a Dog in a Horse Suit?

Some horses are just way more affectionate, kind, and gentle than others. Their love overflows and they tend to act more like dogs than horses. What kind of horses are these? They aren’t a specific breed but they are a specific horse personality type. The horse in a dog suit is an Earth horse personality … Continue Reading »

Earth or Metal Horse Personality? A Case of Mistaken Identity

Yesterday I got bucked off one of my green mares, Reyacita, whom I had taken to be an Earth horse personality. We adopted this mustang mare from BLM about a month ago and I had thought she was an Earth type because she loved to eat and she was very gentle and calm. I climbed … Continue Reading »

Update on the Earth Horse Personality for the Reining Weenie

I just got done posting about how my gelding, Walker, is perfect for me because I am a reining weenie and my gelding is an Earth horse personality. He bears my mistakes and doesn’t try to kill me. But … and this is a big but … I just realized that Walker isn’t bearing the … Continue Reading »

The Earth Horse Personality: The Perfect Match for a Reining Weenie

I admit it freely: I am a reining weenie. I was raised in the hunter/jumper world and just recently joined the reining world by purchasing a 3-year-old gelding from a reining trainer I ride with. I had been told that my Shao Yang personality would be unsuitable for reining due to her conformation so I … Continue Reading »