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Is Your Horse a Labrador?

In my veterinary practice, I have discovered that treating a horse according to his temperament type is one of the most important factors to horse health and happiness. I’ve been talking to lots of people about this around the country. I’ve been writing about it in blogs and newsletters. Some people get it. Some people … Continue Reading »

Does Horse Temperament Typing Put a Horse “In a Box”?

As horse temperament typing has become more popular, and as more people become interested in being in better “Horse Harmony,” I am being asked some pretty tough questions. And I am so pleased! The fact that tough questions are being thrown my way means that people truly want to learn more about horse temperament typing, … Continue Reading »

Confused About Horse Temperament Typing? Don’t Despair!

Five Element horse temperament typing is starting to become accepted by more horse owners as a viable way to have healthier and happier horses. Knowing your horse’s type helps explain those quirky behaviors and special dietary needs. The challenge is typing the darn things! It seems that many horses just don’t fall perfectly into a … Continue Reading »

A Hard-to-Type Horse for Temperament or Personality

I am going to see a horse today that has been a real challenge to type in terms of her temperament or personality. Tess is a warmblood mare who as a baby was rejected by her dam. She was allowed to nurse briefly but got no real mothering and the mare would bite at her … Continue Reading »