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Confused About Horse Temperament Typing? Don’t Despair!

Five Element horse temperament typing is starting to become accepted by more horse owners as a viable way to have healthier and happier horses. Knowing your horse’s type helps explain those quirky behaviors and special dietary needs. The challenge is typing the darn things! It seems that many horses just don’t fall perfectly into a … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: The Horse Most Likely to Develop Ulcers in Secret

It’s bad enough if your horse develops ulcers, but it is so much worse if your horse develops ulcers and you don’t have a clue until he’s deathly ill. Unfortunately, there are certain horses who are more likely to develop ulcers without showing any outward signs of pain until they are really sick. In terms … Continue Reading »

Choosing a Good Horse for Kids

What do you do if your kid asks for a horse for Christmas? Supposing you say, “Yes,” how do you go about picking one? How do you choose a good horse for kids? How do you find a horse who is kind, gentle, loving, and willing to please? Just as important, how do you stay … Continue Reading »

Horse Training: All Whoa and No Go?

Does your horse get sticky feet when under stress? Does he buck or rear instead of moving forward? If so, then your horse probably has a Metal, Earth, or Wood personality. Say what?!? I’m talking about Five-Element personality typing, a system whereby you can type your horse’s personality and go a long way toward predicting … Continue Reading »

Horse Training: All Go and No Whoa?

So why are some horses “all go and no whoa”? Aside from horses that are taught to go all the time, such as racehorses, every horse is temperamentally pre-disposed to either be speedy or to have sticky feet, especially when under stress. So back to the question, why are some horses pre-disposed to bolt, run, … Continue Reading »