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Holistic Horsekeeping Newsletter May 2020

May 2020 Holistic Horsekeeping How to have a healthy happy horse. Volume 25, Number 5 ================ In This Issue: Why Adaptogens are so Important More Help For Your Horse ================ 1. Why Adaptogens are so Important Intro from Madalyn:We are coming out of a very challenging time for our country. It looks like the country … Continue Reading »

Tips to Keep your Laminitis or Laminitis-prone Horse Healthy this Spring

If your horse is currently not experiencing any symptoms of laminitis, making sure he is healthy and ready for warmer weather and greener pastures can prepare him for the coming season. If your horse has laminitis symptoms already, then there are precautions you can take. 1. Check Weight and Insulin Levels – Overweight horses and … Continue Reading »

The Long Road Back for a Rescue Horse

I paid good money for my horse, Remi, because I saw his potential but in reality he has been a rescue project from the start. When I bought him in the summer of 2007 he was a burned out roping and barrel horse. He had bucked off every previous owner and he was about as … Continue Reading »

The “Princess and the Pea” Horse

Have you ever met a horse who will do just about anything to please you but can’t thrive unless conditions are just perfect? If so, you have just met the prototypical Shao Yin (Fire/Water) temperament horse. The Shao Yin horse is the perfect show horse, hubby horse, kid’s horse and school master, but ONLY after … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: The Horse Most Likely to Develop Ulcers in Secret

It’s bad enough if your horse develops ulcers, but it is so much worse if your horse develops ulcers and you don’t have a clue until he’s deathly ill. Unfortunately, there are certain horses who are more likely to develop ulcers without showing any outward signs of pain until they are really sick. In terms … Continue Reading »

Have an Insulin-Resistant Horse? 12 Ways to Keep Him Healthy and Happy

These days most horse owners are clued-up enough about horse health care to recognize insulin-resistance in their equine friends. The insulin-resistant horse is the laid-back easy keeper who gains weight if he catches even a whiff of grain. He’s also the one with the cresty neck, elevated levels of insulin and triglycerides in the blood, … Continue Reading »

Horse Joints: Horse Health Care for Young Horses

Spring is just around the corner and this is the time many people start thinking about sending their young colts to trainers, either to be started under saddle or for more advanced training. Many people send their horses for training with futurities, derbies, and classics in mind … all events catering to young horses. While … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Do You Want to Spend the Money Now or Later?

If there is one thing I have learned about horse health care during my career as an equine veterinarian, it is this: You can pay for horse health care now … or you can pay for it later. In short, caring for any single horse requires a certain sum of money, and that money can … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Did You Know Muddy Hooves Can Be Healthy?

I don’t know about you, but I used to pick out my horse’s feet religiously, thinking that clean feet were healthy feet. It turns out that this wasn’t always the best choice for horse health care. Why? … because muddy hooves can be healthy. Picking out your horse’s hooves on a regular basis is a … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Are Herbs Food or Medicine?

I frequently get asked by horse owners whether they should treat herbs as food or medicine for their horses. It’s a good question, especially if you are a do-it-yourself kind of horse owner and want to be sure that what you feed your horse is safe. Herbs are included in many supplements for horses so … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Combining Natural and Conventional Treatments for Good Outcomes

Because I practice holistic veterinary medicine people often ask me if I avoid using conventional treatments and diagnostics in favor of all-natural approaches. As a rule, I use whatever treatments are best, in a holistic sense, for the horse. Holistically, that means I use horse health care treatments that lead to cure rather than those … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Preventing Horse Ulcers During Antibiotic Therapy

These days, horse lovers are becoming aware of the many factors that can cause horse ulcers. Antibiotic therapy is one of the main culprits, and many horse owners are anxious to prevent ulcers from occurring if their horse must have antibiotic therapy because of an injury or acute illness. But here they run into a … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Preventing Ulcers in Horses Going Into Training

Your proud moment has arrived! You have raised, loved, and nurtured your young horse from the day she was born … and now it is time to send her into training. She’s got the perfect conformation, attitude, and breeding for her chosen discipline, and you just can’t wait to see how she turns out. You … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: How to Monitor an Ill Horse

This weekend two of my clients had seriously ill horses. Both lived far enough away that it was not easy to see the horses. In one case no vet was available at all due to the holiday weekend so all work was done over the phone. This would not have been possible without the excellent … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: 11 Ways to Keep a Confined Horse Happy

Most horses are happiest living in a pasture, and if your horse gets injured, most minor injuries will heal just as well with the horse turned out. Occasionally, however, a serious injury requires stall confinement. Prolonged stall confinement can lead to stomach ulcers or vices, such as cribbing or weaving. Here are 11 ways you … Continue Reading »