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Holistic Horse Health: The Buzz From the Barn

Madalyn Ward, DVM shares her answers to specific holistic horse care questions from clients. Q – After our discussion Tuesday, I ordered crimped oats, barley & beet pulp (w/out molasses).  And I’ve been trying to research appropriate ratios of each.  But the research I’m reading once again indicates that oats & barley have an upside … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Care: Acupressure for Sweet Itch

If you have ever had a horse suffer with sweet itch you know the misery it causes. Acupressure for sweet itch can be part of a holistic health care program to treat this frustrating condition. About Sweet Itch Sweet itch is caused by a sensitivity to the bites of tiny, flying gnats. Topical insect repellants, … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Chia Seeds for the Metal Horse

Chia seeds were in short supply last fall and I made the huge mistake of letting my Metal horse temperament gelding go without them. Remi had been doing so well with his shoes and fill in pad material that I thought he would be OK without the chia seeds. Not the case. Within 8 weeks … Continue Reading »

Horse Nutrition: Pros and cons of Alfalfa as a horse feed

If you ask most horses they will tell you that alfalfa is a wonderful horse feed. Most horses love this leafy, green hay. Experts in horse nutrition recognize alfalfa as a high protein, mineral rich forage but few look at the energetic properties of this hay for horses. Alfalfa has a neutral thermal nature which … Continue Reading »

How to Choose the Right Horse Supplements

Open any horse supply catalog and you will find upwards of 40 pages of different horse supplements. The reason there are so many supplements has to do with the poor quality of many of our horse foods and hay. This is not the fault of the horse food companies but a reflection of the general … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Care: Avoiding laminitis in horses

Laminitis in horses is a devastating condition once it takes hold. With a holistic horse care program you can significantly lower the risk of laminitis in horses but you still must stay alert for early signs of the condition. There is no vaccine against laminitis in horses, so diet and management are your best defenses. … Continue Reading »

Horse Feed and Supplements: Shopping Made Easy

If buying gifts for the holidays has made you crazy, then shopping for all the “right” supplements for your horse can make you downright insane. Not only do you need to visit multiple stores to buy various products (whether you shop in brick-and-mortar or online stores), but many stores don’t carry holistic horse feeds and … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Feeding the Wood horse

Wood horses are high-energy individuals who love physical challenges, and must be kept active or they will develop bad habits like kicking and biting. Wood horses also tend to become unhealthy if they are not exercised enough. While the Wood horse is not a picky eater, he does have a very sensitive liver and is … Continue Reading »

Have an Insulin-Resistant Horse? 12 Ways to Keep Him Healthy and Happy

These days most horse owners are clued-up enough about horse health care to recognize insulin-resistance in their equine friends. The insulin-resistant horse is the laid-back easy keeper who gains weight if he catches even a whiff of grain. He’s also the one with the cresty neck, elevated levels of insulin and triglycerides in the blood, … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Are Herbs Food or Medicine?

I frequently get asked by horse owners whether they should treat herbs as food or medicine for their horses. It’s a good question, especially if you are a do-it-yourself kind of horse owner and want to be sure that what you feed your horse is safe. Herbs are included in many supplements for horses so … Continue Reading »

Is Your Supply of Hay Running Short? Alternatives to Hay for Horses

Whether it is because the economy sucks or your area has had a “bad weather” year, hay for horses can be in short supply, especially during the winter. If the winter ahead looks bleak in terms of hay, consider these other options: – alfalfa cubes – chopped alfalfa – Ontario timothy/orchard grass balance cubes – … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Does a Dirty Horse Stay Warmer During the Winter?

Actually yes, under most conditions. For horses living in fairly natural conditions, such as those in living in pasture and exposed to the weather, being dirty actually helps them stay warm. Ugly as it is, dirt forms a layer of insulation in your horse’s coat, keeping him warmer than if his coat was brushed totally … Continue Reading »

Horse Feed: How to Feed the Horse that is Both Fat and Thin

How is this for frustrating when it comes to horse feed: you have a horse that has fatty deposits on his neck and back as well as a hay belly, but still has ribs showing and very little top line? It’s enough to drive any horse owner crazy …and believe me, I have seen quite … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care In The Winter

HORSE Health Care in Winter: Tips on Horse Feed and More Keeping your horse warm, healthy, and happy during the winter can be challenging, especially if you live in a climate with extreme cold weather. While temperatures don’t drop too far here in Texas, I have many clients in northern states who struggle to keep … Continue Reading »

Organic food for horses-Bud Sept 23, 2009

Bud is coming along nicely. I have been slowly cutting back on his low starch Kool and Kalm horse feed and adding some timothy hay cubes. I tested him for sensitivity to timothy and he came back borderline. I waited over a month for him to heal his gut from the bermuda and alfalfa sensitivity … Continue Reading »