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When Colic is not Colic

You walk in to your horse’s pen with his evening feed and instead of coming to you he stands off in the corner and paws the ground. For most of us this creates an immediate fear reaction. Oh my God, my horse has colic. But then, after taking a deep breath, you regroup. Your horse … Continue Reading »

Horse Colic: Caused by Emotions?

Most horse owners have dealt with straightforward impaction, gas, or spasmodic colic associated with changes in diet, weather, management, or the environment. Whether you choose to alleviate this kind of horse colic (with known causes) using conventional or homeopathic approaches, you can at least deal directly with the cause. But what if you have a … Continue Reading »

What Actually Causes Colic?

As the weather shifts into fall, with its unpredictable changes, horse owners begin worrying about the possibility that their horses may colic. Why? Because it seems that abrupt weather changes and colic often go hand-in-hand. But does a change in weather actually increase your horse’s chances of colic? Yes … and no! As always, when … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: How to avoid a Metal horse colic

Boy, has this been a dry winter/spring in Central Texas. It is only April and we are regularly in the nineties with single digit humidity. The Metal horse temperament is the most at risk for colic under these conditions. The Metal horse temperament often has challenges with the lung and large intestine so a Metal … Continue Reading »

Mild colic in my food sensitivities horse, Bud

My food sensitivity challenged patient Bud is doing well. The last time I posted about Bud I had been letting him out a few hours a day to see if he could handle grass. Well he did fine after the hour on the first day but the next day I left him out for 2 … Continue Reading »

Transitioning from conventional horse care to holistic horse care

Moving from conventional horse care to holistic horse care is a process. It requires, first a shift in belief systems from medicine healing the horse to the horse healing himself. If a horse has been given drugs all of his life then his body is less able to mount a healing response on its own. … Continue Reading »

Organic food for horses-Bud Sept 23, 2009

Bud is coming along nicely. I have been slowly cutting back on his low starch Kool and Kalm horse feed and adding some timothy hay cubes. I tested him for sensitivity to timothy and he came back borderline. I waited over a month for him to heal his gut from the bermuda and alfalfa sensitivity … Continue Reading »