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Holistic Horse Health: Horse injuries – When to use what for treatment

It seems like springtime often brings on horse injuries and the question of how best to treat them. Many topical products available for treating horse injuries contain irritating antiseptics and conventional vets can be quick to reach for anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. I prefer a more natural plan. Homeopathy for common horse injuries: Arnica … Continue Reading »

Transitioning from conventional horse care to holistic horse care

Moving from conventional horse care to holistic horse care is a process. It requires, first a shift in belief systems from medicine healing the horse to the horse healing himself. If a horse has been given drugs all of his life then his body is less able to mount a healing response on its own. … Continue Reading »

Supporting a confined horse

Most horses are happiest living in a pasture and most minor injuries will heal just as well with the horse turned out. Occasionally, however, serious horse injuries require stall confinement. Prolonged stall confinement can lead to stomach ulcers or vices such as cribbing or weaving. Here are 11 ways you can keep your confined horse … Continue Reading »

How to handle horse injuries

Five element horse temperament typing can help you if your horse gets a painful injury because different types will respond differently and you need to be able to anticipate these reactions. It is important to consider your horse’s temperament when you examine and treat the injury to avoid further damage to your horse and yourself. … Continue Reading »