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More on holistic

On my last post I started talking about cure, palliation and suppression of symptoms. This post continues that post. Palliation – This is what happens most often when treating symptoms. We have been conditioned to expect this most people don’t mind giving medicines long term as long as they get rid of symptoms. Many horse … Continue Reading »

What is holistic, really?

I have been approaching my practice and life from a holistic perspective for about 20 years. This has been a process. I did not wake up one morning or read a book and decide to be holistic. I did, however, grasp the concept and I have been striving to achieve it ever since. I want … Continue Reading »

Worms in horses

I just finished reading the May 2009 issue of The Horse magazine. I was very interested in the article on worms in horses. This article focused on the resistance worms have developed to chemical dewormers. It seems that the conventional wisdom is coming to the same conclusions that many of us holistic types have been … Continue Reading »

Who is a match for you?

I spent much of the day yesterday calling some new leads for network marketing and following up on some past ones. I will admit this is not my favorite part of this business but it is getting easier for me to do. I have learned from talking to hundreds of leads that there are some … Continue Reading »

Never bash another person’s company

  First of all it is just plain rude to put down another person’s business. I do not have a problem with making legitimate comparisons with your company and another but I got off the phone yesterday hopping mad after my company, product and founders were attacked by a distributor from Tahitian Noni. The sad … Continue Reading »

New people in your network marketing business not working? Maybe they don’t know how to start.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone in network marketing is to get people to take those first steps. I have heard the analogy many times of how starting your network marketing business is like a plane taking off. It takes a lot of effort to get off the ground but once you are in … Continue Reading »

Amino acid supplements

I read an interesting article in Trainer Magazine, issue 11, on amino acid supplements for race horses. The article stated that protein must be high quality so that it can be broken down in the small intestine where amino acid absorption occurs. The article talked a good bit about tryptophan, which is a precursor for … Continue Reading »

Are drugs ever OK? Treating laminitis horses

I am continuing in a dialog with my newsletter subscriber who was concerned about my use of pergolide. Her experience was with an insulin resistant horse that did not respond to supplements but did respond to the Floth horse supplements from Dr. Thomas. She was very happy with the individual coaching she received from the … Continue Reading »

Variety in feed for horses

Feeding a horse can be a real challenge especially if the horse has health challenges. Once you have found a horse feeding plan that is just perfect you of course don’t want to change anything. The problem with this is that feed for horses in the wild is varied and always has multiple choices and … Continue Reading »

How to handle horse injuries

Five element horse temperament typing can help you if your horse gets a painful injury because different types will respond differently and you need to be able to anticipate these reactions. It is important to consider your horse’s temperament when you examine and treat the injury to avoid further damage to your horse and yourself. … Continue Reading »

Feeding a horse real food vs. natural supplements

I was responding to a post on my forum about feed supplements and the fact that our horses sometimes need the same supplements we do. I do agree that your health challenges can be similar to our horses and I think this may be because we are drawn to horses that are the same type … Continue Reading »

Price of hay and feed for horses

I picked up feed for my horses yesterday and it was very depressing. I am wanting to buy premium quality because I believe that is what my horses deserve and that is what keeps them healthy. I am beginning to wonder if I need to think about my health, especially financial. One 40 pound bag … Continue Reading »

The Pungent Flavor

Pungent(includes acrid, spicy, hot and aromatic flavors) Properties: The pungent flavor stimulates circulation of energy and blood and moves energy upwards and outwards to the periphery of the body. Uses: This flavor stimulates digestion and disperses mucus and specifically: 1. clears mucus out of the lungs but should be used with caution if heat is … Continue Reading »

Five element feeding – Five flavors

Most people think of food from only its nutritional value which they consider the same for every horse but when viewed energetically foods have different effects on different horses depending on their Five Element type. In addition to looking at foods from a standpoint of different types we should also look at what we feed … Continue Reading »