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What breed personality or temperament is your horse?

Today is super windy and cool which is not the best combination for riding but I was excited to try out something I had read in the Eclectic Horseman magazine by Wendy Murdoch. I love to read Wendy’s articles and her book Simplify Your Riding is great. Many times Wendy gets into so much detail … Continue Reading »

How Different Horse Types and Temperaments Cope with Stress

Part of determining which Five Element horse temperaments are best for certain disciplines involves determining each types ability to handle pressure and stress. Selecting a horse temperament with low coping skills for a high pressure career will likely result in having a horse with many health issues even if the horse is able to perform. … Continue Reading »

Leaky gut and colic in horses

Most people think of ulcers in horses as being large areas of damage in the stomach. Leaky gut is a condition that can occur if the lining of the intestines becomes irritated and develops small ulcers. Normally a healthy gut wall would prevent any toxins or undigested proteins from getting into the circulation but a … Continue Reading »

Remi, the Yang Ming horse, steps up

Horse temperament and personality are so important and after years of having some bad matches I have to say I have a good one now. I took Remi out today with a new friend here in Fischer and he sure showed what a difference a good horse temperament can make. Sharon’s coming 2 year old … Continue Reading »