Remi, the Yang Ming horse, steps up

Horse temperament and personality are so important and after years of having some bad matches I have to say I have a good one now. I took Remi out today with a new friend here in Fischer and he sure showed what a difference a good horse temperament can make. Sharon’s coming 2 year old was along and she was going to pony him off her mare. Well, Pepper was more into letting his young Wood horse personality show up and he proceeded to rear up and pull away.

I knew Remi had been a pony horse before so I offered to help. Remi moved the colt easily and got him lined out so Sharon and her nice mare could take over. Pepper came along nicely but continued to offer to bite so I gave Sharon a break on the way home and took him over again.

By this time, Pepper was bored with the whole process and his Wood horse temperament was showing through. He got very sticky in his front feet and dragged back hard on Remi. Remi really had to push on him to get him to shift his shoulders and step forward. Considering I had not ridden Remi in months his Yang Ming horse temperament really came in handy as he did not get upset and worked hard to do what I asked of him. Pepper ended up the ride stepping up nicely and his attitude improved once he understood how to move his feet. I was so proud of Remi and so glad to have a dependable horse I could work with as a partner. Madalyn

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