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How to use Horse Balancing Formulas

How our different balance formulas support and benefit your individual horse and why you should be supporting your horse with them. April 2022 – Mid-Month By: Dr. Madalyn Ward Our Horse Temperament Balance Formulas are unique in their design. Whereas most nutritional supplements balance nutrients within the formula, our Balance Formulas create balance in the … Continue Reading »

January 2021 – Mid-Month

Holistic HorsekeepingHow to have a healthy happy horse ================ In This Issue: Remi Webinars With Wendy: Kim Bauer, TCM 5 Element Temperment Typing Case Studies ================ 1. Remi I was sad to learn that Remi was put down last fall for age related issues. Remi was an amazing horse. I first met him after he … Continue Reading »

December 2020 – Mid-Month

Holistic HorsekeepingHow to have a healthy happy horse ================ In This Issue: Kim Bauer-Handling/Training suggestions for each Temperament Type Horse Harmony/Horse Temperament Resources ================ 1. Kim Bauer-Handling/Training suggestions for each Temperament Type The video below from the You Tube “Webinars With Wendy” series featuring Kim Bauer, is an excellent resource for learning how each temperament … Continue Reading »

February 2020 – Mid Month Update

Holistic Horsekeeping How to have a healthy happy horse. ================ Horse Temperament: Does your Shao Yin lack self confidence? Online Class For Horse Temperament Typing ================ 1. Horse Temperament: Does your Shao Yin lack self confidence? Self-confidence is something every good horseman wants to see and develop in a horse. Horse temperament has a lot … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Can You Breed for a Certain Type?

Whether you can breed for a certain horse temperament is a great question. In my experience you can attempt to breed for a certain horse temperament but there are no guarantees. I have also been asked, by someone who took the online level one certification course, if any breeds tended to be a specific horse … Continue Reading »

Feeding a horse by Five-Element Personality Type

Although many horse owners and trainers are now beginning to acknowledge the differences between the horse personality types when it comes to training and management, few acknowledge the need for feeding a horse based on type. Yet, if each type needs to be handled and trained differently, why should all the types be fed in … Continue Reading »

Horse personality: Why they balk and rear

I was having a nice ride on Cerise this morning until I asked her to bend and move forward at the same time. As a Fire horse personality, Cerise has her own ideas about how to do things and bending and moving off my leg is something she does not agree with. It is not … Continue Reading »

Louie-One Tough Metal Personality Horse

I remember the first time I saw Louie, a grey, barrel-racing quarter horse gelding. He had been running inconsistently, which was not his usual performance. When I approached Louie he tensed up and held his head high and rigid. This posture made it hard to evaluate his soreness so I decided to go ahead and … Continue Reading »

Remi finally relaxes

I took Remi to the lake today but we did not have time to swim. I was looking to test my new approach to his spookiness. I had been coddling him when he got tense and trying to show him he could trust me to take care of him. That approach would have been perfect … Continue Reading »

Don’t confuse horse personality with horse temperament

In the Five Element horse temperament typing I focus a lot on picking the right match for a particular person or event. The horse typing test is designed to help people know what horse will be best for them or what kind of horse they already have. What I have not done so much is … Continue Reading »

What breed personality or temperament is your horse?

Today is super windy and cool which is not the best combination for riding but I was excited to try out something I had read in the Eclectic Horseman magazine by Wendy Murdoch. I love to read Wendy’s articles and her book Simplify Your Riding is great. Many times Wendy gets into so much detail … Continue Reading »

A Hard-to-Type Horse for Temperament or Personality

I am going to see a horse today that has been a real challenge to type in terms of her temperament or personality. Tess is a warmblood mare who as a baby was rejected by her dam. She was allowed to nurse briefly but got no real mothering and the mare would bite at her … Continue Reading »

The Difference Between Horse Temperament vs. Horse Personality

I am sometimes asked the difference between horse temperament and horse personality. In many cases a horse’s temperament and personality are basically the same so it is not wrong to use the terms interchangeably but in some cases they can be very different. The temperament is what the horse is born with and this is … Continue Reading »

Idle time activities of each horse temperament

Knowing what horse temperament you are dealing with can help you understand where horse personality issues may come from. One of the ways to determine your horse’s five element temperament is too watch what he does in his idle time. For example, a Fire horse does not spend much idle time. They may rest for … Continue Reading »

Remi, the Yang Ming horse, steps up

Horse temperament and personality are so important and after years of having some bad matches I have to say I have a good one now. I took Remi out today with a new friend here in Fischer and he sure showed what a difference a good horse temperament can make. Sharon’s coming 2 year old … Continue Reading »