Never bash another person’s company


First of all it is just plain rude to put down another person’s business. I do not have a problem with making legitimate comparisons with your company and another but I got off the phone yesterday hopping mad after my company, product and founders were attacked by a distributor from Tahitian Noni. The sad thing is that I love tahitian noni. The product did not do a lot for me but my mule, Tess, did great on it and it really helped her with a chronic lameness problem. I made the call to the Noni distributor because Tahitian Noni made some major changes in their compensation plan and I thought he might be looking to join another company. 


After discussing the compensation changes to make sure I understood that the Tahitian Noni had indeed cut the amount of volume you are paid on the horse products from 120 to 12 I asked him if he still worked with Noni as his primary network marketing company. At this point he launched into a 5 minute hype filled promotion of the company he is working with now. 


I never said a single negative word about Noni or the new company he prospected me on but mentioned I was not looking at this time because I was having good success and great upline support with Xango. At this point he launched into a tirade about how much he disliked the founders of Xango, how they copied the Noni compensation plan, how the product did not work and how their was no research to support it compared to the massive amount of research to support noni juice. Well if I was a brand new distributor with Xango I might have been worried about all this negative talk but having researched all of these things extensively myself I was pissed off and still am which is why I decided to write this post. 


I ended the call by saying that I felt there were many good juice products and companies and not every product was perfect for every person. I felt that if someone did not get good results with what you offered it would be nice to refer them to another company so they could get the benefits these nutritional products offer. I wished him luck with his new company and got off the phone. 


It is tempting to never order again from Tahitian Noni but the product is good and I have always found the people at the company to be very friendly. Truthfully, if I could have found anyone in my upline or at the company that could have explained the compensation plan to me in a way that I could see how I could make residual income I would have built with them. What I have found in almost 20 years of network marketing experience is that having a good product does not always mean you can make money with it. There has to be a strong business plan and strong leadership from the corporate office. If you are running a business well no matter what you do some people will not be happy especially if they are your competitors. 


The network marketing industry has a bad reputation in part from the kind of call I was on yesterday. If someone within the industry is so quick to wrongfully put down another network marketing company then what is someone new to the industry supposed to think. There are so many great network marketing products and companies out there and this industry offer so much to a person wanting to build a business for themselves. Where else is someone with a couple of hundred dollars a month to invest going to be able to build a business that can bring them regular long term income, get free training and if they work with a nutritional company improve their health at the same time. If you think your company is great, fantastic you should sing its praises but never bash another company. It is just wrong to do and hurts everyone else including those who might be looking to join this industry. Madalyn

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