Equine Affaire


I went to California last weekend to present my Five Element horse temperament typing system at the Equine Affaire expo. Despite the fact that I was sick as a dog I had a fantastic time. It has been so long since I have been sick in any way I did not even recognize the signs of a head cold coming on before I left. I knew my throat had been scratchy but assumed it was because of the high cedar pollen. Well 5 minutes into my plane flight my ears plugged up and it was downhill from there. Luckily, God protected me and full blown cold symptoms did not hit until after I got back on the plane to head home. I just thought my ears were plugged on the flight out but the ride home was pretty miserable because I could not relieve the pressure at all. 


Enough whining. I could not believe my good fortune when my friend, Janet, called to let me know that her pet hauling job was going to put her right in the area of the Equine Affaire and that she would be able to come stay with me and be there all day Sunday. We had a blast going to the booths and looking at all the tack. It seems we share the love of good tack and both of us made purchases that we were very excited about. I have been looking for a lightweight bosal for Cerise and I found one that is really meant to be used with a 2 rein system but it will be perfect for her delicate head. All the others ones I have found are too long for her and I don’t need to be spending the money at this time for a handmade one. Someday soon I will get her one. Janet found a sweet iron mouth Myler bit that she had been searching for. 


Other than being sick, everything about this trip was wonderful. The flights were on time and I even got to watch the second half of the superbowl in the Phoenix airport. Too bad the Cardinals did not pull off a win but they played a great game and the people in the airport were proud of their team. Both of the young college kids that drove me back and forth from the airport were friendly and super bright. If they are any indication there is hope for the future of this country. The Shilo hotel was great and the desk attendant was happy to print a boarding pass for me at no charge. 


I think one of the reasons I got sick was that I was concerned  about getting my lectures organized. I could not figure out how to get so much material into two hours. I finally decided to simply write down a very brief outline and then see what questions came from the audience. I had a super group and they seemed very interested in the typing and they had some really good questions. Now I  have a much better idea of what to present at the Equine Affaire in Ohio late in March. I still prefer to take lots of questions from the audience because I have sat through too many lectures that were interesting but did not have information that I could take home and use. I want the Five Element horse temperament typing to be useful not just a novelty. 


If you have never been to one of these Equine Affaire events I suggest you go. This one was very well organized and everyone I met, staff, students and vendors was super friendly and helpful. Madalyn

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