Why we get stuck with our business


Everybody goes through periods of being stuck in their network marketing business and in any business for that matter.  I am not going to do what most people do and tell you to talk to more people, get on more training calls, go to more company events, read more personal growth books or redo your prospect list. You certainly need to do these things but believe me if it was that simple I would be at the top of my company. 


I have been in a stuck pattern in my Xango business for the last 6 months or so. I have not signed up very many people and have lost some of my good customers despite doing the things that have been successful for me in the past. Our current recession economy may be part of the problem but not all of it. I have prayed for God to send me the right people but when I look at my current group I see that I have some incredible people. I have many people in my group who are smart, hard working, ethical, honest, health conscious, caring, prosperity minded and many other things I have put on my profile of a perfect business partner. On top of that many are also my good friends. So actually that prayer has been answered.


I have prayed to God to help me want to make my prospecting and follow up calls and I have come to enjoy talking with even people I don’t know so that prayer has been answered but the people still are not signing up. I have prayed for help in developing the skills and character traits that will help me be successful and I have been sent incredible mentors to learn from. 


I have prayed for guidance if Xango is the right company for me in this recession economy and been assured it is. So, even though I don’t generally ask God “why” questions I finally asked why my group was not growing and the answer I got was very interesting. It followed well with the sermon my pastor preached on Easter morning. My pastor told the story of the disciple, Peter, and how the devil attacked Peter and caused him to often do or say the wrong thing. Peter’s heart was obviously focused on Jesus and he wanted more than any of the other disciples to please him. Yet, Peter was the disciple that, according to the bible, Jesus most often corrected for his mistakes. Peter was most often attacked because of his devotion and potential to do good and indeed he ended overcoming the attacks and saving many souls. 


God revealed to me that a similar attack is occurring on a small scale in my Xango group and in a larger scale with network marketing in general. Network marketing has such potential to do good, especially in the current  recession economy. 


Network marketing offers the ability to build a business from home which allows for more time spent with family and friends. 

Network marketing offers the chance to control your own destiny by being your own boss while still having the infrastructure of a large company and a support team to train and encourage you. 

In network marketing your compensation is directly related to your own efforts and in the case of Xango for every dollar that comes into the company 50 cents is paid back to the field. Talk about fair! 

In network marketing, you can never be successful in the long term unless you are helping others be successful. Not only are you helping others be successful but in the case of a nutritional company, you are helping people be healthy which may greatly reduce the pressure on the country’s health care system.

Network marketing allows you to claim tax deductions that are not available to someone working for a salary and at the same time creates wealth that will generate more income tax going back to the government and money to private charities to care for the needy in society.  


If you believe in evil powers in the world why would they not want to attack network marketing and the people involved in it. In Ephesians 6:12 scripture states 


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 


The guidance about the spiritual world does not make me want to work any less hard but it will make me much more aware of my thoughts. One way the devil attacks us is through planting negative thoughts in our minds and I will be much more aware of this and encourage my group to do the same. God only puts positive thoughts into our minds and this is where I will put my focus. As it says in James 4:7


Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 


If you are doing what your successful upline is teaching but still not being successful look into your own mind. The answer may be there and you may be under attack because of the potential threat your success poses to evil powers. Stay focused and guard your heart and laugh in the devil’s face for every small victory you have. Eventually he will indeed, flee from you. Madalyn

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