Horse Temperament: How to avoid a Metal horse colic

Boy, has this been a dry winter/spring in Central Texas. It is only April and we are regularly in the nineties with single digit humidity. The Metal horse temperament is the most at risk for colic under these conditions. The Metal horse temperament often has challenges with the lung and large intestine so a Metal horse colic is usually the impaction type.

Dryness is the environmental condition most harmful to a Metal horse temperament  so I am watching my Metal/Earth horse, Remi, closely on these low humidity days. First, I want to make sure he is drinking enough water so I am adding electrolytes to his food. I prefer electrolytes over plain salt as I feel they match more closely what minerals the body loses in sweat.

I keep an eye on Remi’s manure and if it looks dry I add additional fat to his diet in the form of chia seeds . Remi gets the chia on a regular basis for his hooves and coat but I give extra to provide lubrication in his gut. On these hot, dry days I notice the horses don’t move around as much so I add extra powdered algae with probiotics blend  and enzymes for digestive support and to increase gut motility. The enhanced enzymes are especially good for a Metal horse temperament because they contain some pungent spices such as ginger and fennel.

To summarize: To avoid Metal horse colic
Make sure your horse is drinking and provide electrolytes in the food if needed
Add fat to the diet to provide for lubrication in the large intestine
Support gut motility with probiotics and digestive enzymes

You might think this program would be good for any horse temperament but my Fire mare would disagree. I added a very small amount of electrolytes to her food and she refused to eat it. She actually tried to scrape the food off her tongue with her teeth. My Wood/Fire mule will not eat chia seeds and can pick out each tiny seed from the rest of her food. The more I study horse temperament typing the more my horses teach me what they need to be healthy and happy as individuals. While individual preferences will always occur, the Five Element Feeding ebook will give you great tips on where to start with your horse feeding program and how to avoid horse colic and other ailments. Madalyn

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