Mild colic in my food sensitivities horse, Bud

My food sensitivity challenged patient Bud is doing well. The last time I posted about Bud I had been letting him out a few hours a day to see if he could handle grass. Well he did fine after the hour on the first day but the next day I left him out for 2 hours and he developed a mild colic. He was not hungry and kept looking at his sides like he did before I diagnosed the food sensitivities.

I gave Bud alternately nux and pulsatilla but after several hours he was still uncomfortable so I gave him 5ccs of banamine. He immediately perked up and ate and never had another problem. I was bummed to find that he could not eat any grass but glad he bounced back so quickly from the test.

I have since retested Bud for his food sensitivities and he is coming down in his titer for several foods we have kept out of his diet but gone up in some he was borderline on that we did not totally remove. I am glad to see Bud’s titers coming down but I am concerned that he is still developing antibodies to foods he is consuming.

This tells me that for one he may still have ulcers in his gut and two he may still be stressed which is driving antibody production and interfering with healing. For this reason I have started him on the new Eleviv product from Xango. This is a product to support the kidney and adrenal glands when they are stressed. I will plan to recheck Bud again after he has been on it for a month or so.

In the meantime, Bud is enjoying his beet pulp, low starch Kool and Kalm, as well as carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. I am also giving him some black sesame seeds which also support the kidney and adrenal glands. His manure is soft again since he is not getting any long stem fiber but otherwise he is fat and happy. Madalyn

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