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Horses Training: Why Horses Rush Through Training Exercises

Do you ever present your horse with a training exercise only to have him rush through it, as if to “get it over with” as soon as possible? Or how about the jumper horse that charges a jump totally out of control? And then there’s the reining horse that spins … but at Mach-1 with … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: The Horse Most Likely to Develop Ulcers in Secret

It’s bad enough if your horse develops ulcers, but it is so much worse if your horse develops ulcers and you don’t have a clue until he’s deathly ill. Unfortunately, there are certain horses who are more likely to develop ulcers without showing any outward signs of pain until they are really sick. In terms … Continue Reading »

How to Catch a Horse Who Runs from You

For horse lovers, one of the most frustrating experiences is trying to catch a horse who doesn’t want to be caught. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work and are eagerly looking forward to a relaxing trail ride, or perhaps you need to catch your horse to haul him to a horsemanship clinic. Either … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse Afraid of the Dark?

As odd as it may seem, many horses are afraid of the dark. Horses, being prey animals as well as herd animals, often need the company of other horses to feel secure, especially in the dark. Don’t believe it? Here’s an example that might make a believer out of you, an 8-year-old quarter horse mare … Continue Reading »

Horse Feed: How to Feed the Horse that is Both Fat and Thin

How is this for frustrating when it comes to horse feed: you have a horse that has fatty deposits on his neck and back as well as a hay belly, but still has ribs showing and very little top line? It’s enough to drive any horse owner crazy …and believe me, I have seen quite … Continue Reading »