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Horse Temperament: Earth Horse Musculo-Skeletal and Uro-Genital Support

Earth horses tend to need support for their muscles rather than their joints, and high-quality protein helps the Earth horse temperament develop strong, supple muscles. The goal is to offer horse foods or supplements that offer high-quality protein without excess calories. Alfalfa, for instance, is a rich source of protein, but is too high in … Continue Reading »

What is holistic, really?

I have been approaching my practice and life from a holistic perspective for about 20 years. This has been a process. I did not wake up one morning or read a book and decide to be holistic. I did, however, grasp the concept and I have been striving to achieve it ever since. I want … Continue Reading »


I have been so concerned lately about my horses not having any fresh feed. I have always had the luxury of pasture even if it was never enough to meet all their needs. Because of the extended drought my horses have not had any fresh feed in about 18 months. It is typical for pasture … Continue Reading »

The Pungent Flavor

Pungent(includes acrid, spicy, hot and aromatic flavors) Properties: The pungent flavor stimulates circulation of energy and blood and moves energy upwards and outwards to the periphery of the body. Uses: This flavor stimulates digestion and disperses mucus and specifically: 1. clears mucus out of the lungs but should be used with caution if heat is … Continue Reading »

Five element feeding – Five flavors

Most people think of food from only its nutritional value which they consider the same for every horse but when viewed energetically foods have different effects on different horses depending on their Five Element type. In addition to looking at foods from a standpoint of different types we should also look at what we feed … Continue Reading »