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Horse Nutrition: Pros and cons of Alfalfa as a horse feed

If you ask most horses they will tell you that alfalfa is a wonderful horse feed. Most horses love this leafy, green hay. Experts in horse nutrition recognize alfalfa as a high protein, mineral rich forage but few look at the energetic properties of this hay for horses. Alfalfa has a neutral thermal nature which … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: Comparing cost in feed for horses

Nutrition is critical for a holistic horse health program. When evaluating the cost of feed for horses you have to consider quality over price. I recently bought 2 bales of alfalfa hay for horses and I paid $15 for one bale and $12 for the other. The $15 bale was expensive but very green and … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: Do your horse’s hair coats look like crap?

Despite a solid holistic horse health program my horses were not slick and shiny and I was really annoyed by this. I pride myself on taking the best possible care of my horses but after 18 months of drought followed by a hard, wet winter my horse’s coats looked like crap. The hair was long, … Continue Reading »

Is Your Supply of Hay Running Short? Alternatives to Hay for Horses

Whether it is because the economy sucks or your area has had a “bad weather” year, hay for horses can be in short supply, especially during the winter. If the winter ahead looks bleak in terms of hay, consider these other options: – alfalfa cubes – chopped alfalfa – Ontario timothy/orchard grass balance cubes – … Continue Reading »

More on Chaffhaye as a Feed for Horses

I am continuing to experiment with the chaffhaye as a feed for my horses and they are each reacting differently to it. To my surprise, Cerise likes it the best but Tess and Lady are very unimpressed. As I increased the amounts Tess and Lady refused to eat their feed with it mixed in.. Remi … Continue Reading »


I have been so concerned lately about my horses not having any fresh feed. I have always had the luxury of pasture even if it was never enough to meet all their needs. Because of the extended drought my horses have not had any fresh feed in about 18 months. It is typical for pasture … Continue Reading »

Price of hay and feed for horses

I picked up feed for my horses yesterday and it was very depressing. I am wanting to buy premium quality because I believe that is what my horses deserve and that is what keeps them healthy. I am beginning to wonder if I need to think about my health, especially financial. One 40 pound bag … Continue Reading »