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Horse Temperament: Earth Horse Musculo-Skeletal Support

Earth horses tend to need support for their muscles rather than their joints, and high-quality protein helps the Earth horse temperament develop strong, supple muscles. The goal in feeding the Earth horse is to offer foods or supplements that contain high-quality protein without excess calories. Alfalfa, for instance, is a rich source of protein, but … Continue Reading »

Organic food for horses-Bud Sept 23, 2009

Bud is coming along nicely. I have been slowly cutting back on his low starch Kool and Kalm horse feed and adding some timothy hay cubes. I tested him for sensitivity to timothy and he came back borderline. I waited over a month for him to heal his gut from the bermuda and alfalfa sensitivity … Continue Reading »

Rhythms in foods

I am continuing to study the energetics of food and I did not realize I was taking on a project similar to learning homeopathy. Foods are much more complicated than initially meets the eye. Of course foods do not act as deeply as homeopathic remedies because they are not made more potent by the act … Continue Reading »

The Salty Flavor

Salty Properties: The salty flavor moves energy down and in to help center it deep within the the body. The salty flavor moistens dryness, softens hardened lumps and loosens stiffness. It supports digestion and and helps to detoxify the horse’s body. Uses: The salty flavor is great to help soften hardened lymph nodes, glands and … Continue Reading »

The Pungent Flavor

Pungent(includes acrid, spicy, hot and aromatic flavors) Properties: The pungent flavor stimulates circulation of energy and blood and moves energy upwards and outwards to the periphery of the body. Uses: This flavor stimulates digestion and disperses mucus and specifically: 1. clears mucus out of the lungs but should be used with caution if heat is … Continue Reading »