The Salty Flavor


Properties: The salty flavor moves energy down and in to help center it deep within the the body. The salty flavor moistens dryness, softens hardened lumps and loosens stiffness. It supports digestion and and helps to detoxify the horse’s body.

Uses: The salty flavor is great to help soften hardened lymph nodes, glands and muscles. Salt breaks down toxins in the body and stimulates appetite. Good quality salt or salty foods are best but overuse of poor quality table salt or cheap electrolytes can cause problems. Salty flavors help calm thin, nervous horses.

Organ functions: The salty flavor supports healthy kidney function and strengthens digestive function.

Season: The salty flavor brings the energy away from the surface and helps keeps the interior of the horse’s body warm during cold weather.

Cautions: It is best to avoid excessive use of salty foods, including electrolytes, for horses that are overweight, lethargic or have damp conditions such as stocking up.
Salty seaweeds such as kelp can be used in these horses because their iodine and trace mineral content support the metabolism.

Examples: Salt, seaweeds, barley and millet are examples of salty foods that can be food for horses.

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