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Horseman’s Wealth: If Your Horse Was Money?

If you went to the barn one day and your horse was coughing what would you do? You would probably start looking into the cause of the cough. Was your hay dusty, did you take your horse off property where he could have been exposed to a sick horse, was he getting good immune support…? … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: Creating cash flow monthly is not like building a fence

As a horse person I often don’t get the analogies used in most books about money. So I thought I would start making some that we can relate to. Building fence in 105 degree weather is hard but it can seem easier than creating cash flow monthly. You see, with building a fence I see … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: Are You Present?

My mantra this year is Show Up, Be Present, Do Less, Expect More. Being Present is proving to be a challenge. The racial and political upset in 2020 triggered me on a deep level and this was not necessarily a bad thing. The trigger was a wake up call that all was not right inside … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: Don’t Give Up on your Dream

It was the early 1990’s when I started studying holistic medicine. I was frustrated that my conventional practices were not keeping my patients healthy. I was spending too much time treating chronic health problems and I wanted to find another way to approach my cases. I was so impressed with the information I found on … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: Love What You Sell

When I was growing up my parents put a huge emphasis on learning. My mother sold World Book Encyclopedias. Whenever we had a question, even if my parents knew the answer, we always had to look it up in the encyclopedia. I believe the process of finding my own answers made me very excited about … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: 10 Steps to Building Confidence

Wealth is about more than money. It is also about relationships and personal growth. On a recent training with my network marketing partner we learned about 10 steps to building confidence. This information helps in all areas of life. Be confident before you are confident.Practice and study things you are not proficient in. This may … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Wealth: Wealth Building – Learn to manage your emotion

When it comes to wealth building, emotion is not your friend! A perfect example of this is the roller coaster ride the stock market has been on the last few weeks. One day the news is good so people buy, the next day the news is bad so people sell. Did the companies being bought … Continue Reading »