Horseman’s Wealth: 10 Steps to Building Confidence

Madalyn with horse

Wealth is about more than money. It is also about relationships and personal growth. On a recent training with my network marketing partner we learned about 10 steps to building confidence. This information helps in all areas of life.

  1. Be confident before you are confident.
    Practice and study things you are not proficient in. This may be getting more product knowledge or learning details of your company compensation plan. It may also be searching out information about listening skills and better communication. The book, The Four Agreements, is a great place to study improving personal relationships.
  2. Set a 30 day non-negotiable goal now.
    It is so easy to set a goal and then life happens and you forget. Making a goal non-negotiable means it moves up the food chain of daily life. You keep your focus on this goal no matter what else is going on.
  3. Celebrate small successes.
    Small consistent success leads to bigger success. Nothing changes overnight. Own every small success and build on these.
  4. Shape your thinking and build belief.
    Change your money story. Think and Grow Rich is a book that helped me change my story. Making specific plans for how much money you want and when this will come to you is powerful. On the other side, you want to be specific on how this money will be moved out into the world so it stays in circulation. What exciting things will you do with your extra income and where does the money you have now go? Get your emotions involved. Your feelings, good or bad, will attract things of similar energy to you. Make sure you talk to yourself in a positive way. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Guard your circle of influence.
    Do your close friends and family support you? If not, add people into your life who will. Spend less time with downer people and enjoy hanging out with people who have positive thoughts and actions.
  6. Encourage your people. Know their dreams.
    Be the kind of positive influence for others that you would want for yourself.
  7. Decide to change.
    Write your own rules and your own story. Have a mantra that makes you feel joy. The more successful I am the easier life gets is an example but make one that fits for you.
  8. Increase your skills at persuasion.
    Be a model for people to follow. When others see your success they will listen to you and you can help them reach their goals.
  9. Pay attention to your image.
    Dress for success. Love yourself and your life.
  10. Use your gifts unapologetically.
    Not everyone has to like how you show up in the world. Show up anyway and be yourself. Your style is yours and be proud of who you are.