Horseman’s Wealth: Love What You Sell

When I was growing up my parents put a huge emphasis on learning. My mother sold World Book Encyclopedias. Whenever we had a question, even if my parents knew the answer, we always had to look it up in the encyclopedia. I believe the process of finding my own answers made me very excited about learning and this has served me well.

Because the encyclopedias were such a part of my life, I was dismayed to overhear some of my mother’s friends saying what a shame it was my mother had to sell door to door. I never talked to my mother about this so I don’t know if she sold encyclopedias because she wanted to or because we needed the money but I do know she loved what she sold.

When I talk to people about network marketing I often get the response that the person does not know how to sell. I suspect this is because we have all been in the position where someone was trying to sell us something that they did not believe in themselves.

I believe knowing how to sell is an important skill. Learning how to sell will teach you so many life lessons. You will need to learn how to listen to others and discover what is important to them. You will learn how to offer information in a way that is clear, correct and succinct. You will get better at not making assumptions or taking things personally. You will become a better person.

Whether you are selling a product, an idea or yourself you have to love what you are offering, otherwise you are just doing a job and people sense this. If you don’t believe in what you are selling then ask yourself why. Maybe you need to better understand your product or to experience a personal benefit. Maybe you want to explore blockages in your feeling of self worth. Maybe you want to let go of what other people think of you and focus on loving yourself.

Selling can be a job or it can be a passion. Selling is not easy but when you love what you sell, selling happens with ease.