Horseman’s Health: Blue Green algae – More than a mood food

Does the food you eat affect your moods? Absolutely and in a big way. A heavy mood food like meat  can slow you down and stimulants such as coffee and tea can lift you up. Foods that are prepared with love leave you feeling better than those that are mass produced. We all have our favorite comfort mood food and it usually one our mom prepared for us as kids. All these foods have a short term affect on our moods.

But what about a mood food that acts on a deeper level of our consciousness? Is there such a thing as a pattern breaking food? I believe at least one food can help you break through deep patterns in your consciousness and it is the blue green algae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, from Klamath Lake.

When I was first introduced to my now favorite brand of AFA algae, in 1993, I was very skeptical that it could have any actual health benefits for people or animals. I had seen a few animals respond well but still I doubted. Since I don’t promote products I don’t believe in I asked for guidance from the healing angels about the algae. I was not expecting the message I received.

A Message about the Algae received 12/31/1993

Let us talk about the algae. It is a gift to your planet to be given to those on the path of love. It is structured to trigger one’s awareness of changes taking place within them and across the planet. It is more than simple nutrition. Held within the algae is a blueprint for the unfolding process to regain lost aspects of what your true selves have always been.

As you know so well, you do not use but a small portion of your talents. Humans have been unaware for so long that most live their lives in darkness. The algae causes people to wake up. It can reach so many because of its totally harmless character. There are no contra-indications for algae.

There are no situations where it won’t be beneficial. All who take the algae benefit from it, whether they choose to be aware or not. New cells in the body begin functioning, and these cells are a part of your superhuman body that is encases in your current physical body. As these new cells are awakened, you will have a new lease on life. You will literally see through new eyes and hear through new ears and feel through a new heart. In a way it is indeed a pattern-breaking technology, but even more than that it is creating entirely new cells with new outlooks.

It has been almost 20 years since I first starting working with the AFA blue green algae for myself and all types of animals. Over this time I have reflected back occasionally on the original message about the algae. I have been amazed when people would get excited about the health benefits of the products and order them only to return them immediately – unopened. In hindsight, I suspect that since the algae is more than a short term good mood food these people had deeper patterns they were not aware of or not ready to change. For myself, I have had to decrease my consumption of the algae when I found my frustration levels mounting as I attempted to shift patterns I did not fully understand. The algae is not a replacement for therapy but it can help it work faster.

I also believe the source of the AFA algae makes a difference.  It does not take large doses of the AFA to make a  significant difference. It does, however, take energy to shift deep patterns. You may not want to start the algae if you are sick or rundown. Better to build your life force and then begin. I am always open to sharing my experiences and helping you find the program that is the best fit for you. Madalyn

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