Wood-Temperament QH Seeks Equally Competitive Human Partner

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rosebud’s Last Baby, but my real name is Buddy, and I’m looking for a new human partner in life. Don’t get me wrong … I love my mom and I wish I could do what she wants, which is to go for quiet daily trail rides with short lopes, but I can’t.

You see, I’m an 11-year-old, QH gelding, and I am have a Wood horse temperament (read more about all the temperament types at www.horseharmony.com). I love speed, competition, and hard work. I like to be first on a trail ride, and sometimes I jump fences when I’m bored. That’s just the way I’m bred. I come from a long line of cowy, ranch-working quarter horses plus racing thoroughbreds, and I just need to work hard. Unfortunately as a result, I have bucked off my mom, broken her wrist, and I sometimes can’t help spooking.

My mom is a very gentle person with a soft hand and a soft touch. I’m sure another kind of horse, perhaps a Metal or Earth/Metal horse, would find being with her something akin to Horse Heaven. Not me. Being a Wood horse temperament, when she is soft with me I just can’t help taking advantage of her. My sense of mischief just makes me do it!

I did very well for a trainer my mom hired and his staff, but he was very firm and consistent. That’s the kind of person I need … someone who will create boundaries for me and make me stay within them. I also need someone who will give me a job to do at least five days a week!

With my breeding, I would probably kick butt in cow work, ranch work, team sorting and penning, cutting, or even versatility ranch shows. Some of the notables in my bloodline include the McCue line, Three Bars, Leo San, the Hancock line, and much more. So I am fast and cowy and athletic and quite handsome!

In fact, you can see a picture of me here.

Am I cute or what? I’m just around 14 hands and built tough. Other horses with breeding similar to mine have excelled in cutting, other kinds of cow work, and reining. My mom keeps me up to date with all my shots, worming, and trimming. I have never had colic or been lame. I just need a new job.

Are you the perfect person for me? If so, please contact my mom! She’s looking to sell me to the perfect person, or swap me for a Metal or Metal/Earth temperament. You can find her contact information on my listing at the Horse Harmony swap page:

Buddy’s Listing

Thanks for listening to my story, and if you are the perfect person
for me, I hope you’ll call my mom!

Amazing New Partnership with Tallgrass Animal Acupuncture Institute
We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tallgrass Animal Acupuncture Institute. We are currently working with Tallgrass to produce learning courses focused on Five-Element Temperament Typing.

Those of you familiar with Tallgrass know that this organization puts out amazingly professional educational seminars, certification programs, and other learning tools. That’s why we are so delighted to be working with them. They are a total fit for the Holistic
Horsekeeping model.

We’ll keep you up to date as we have more news about this partnership. In the meantime, we encourage you to dig into the Tallgrass website and the many educational animal care resources on their website:

Tallgrass Website

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