Horse Temperament: More on Fire Horse feeding

Fire Horse Immune Support
Fire horse feeding for immune support includes many of the same products that support digestive health since healthy gut flora is so important for a strong immune system. A poor barrier in the intestinal lining puts extra stress on the immune system so supporting gut health will indirectly support immune health. In addition to supporting the healthy gut flora, pre and probiotics also produce B-vitamins, which help to keep the Fire horse temperament relaxed. Immune support products containing whey protein can be very useful for the Fire horse that is under extra stress or trying to overcome and infection.

Fire Horse Musculo-Skeletal Support
Natural food source antioxidants are very important in the diet of a Fire horse temperament. Fire horses tend to suffer musculo-skeletal pain due to inflammation rather than because of structural weaknesses. General body tightness can be more common than actual joint or soft tissue injury. Because Fire horses have bodies that tend to be acidic rather than alkaline, lactic acid can build up quickly in their muscles.

Cooling foods that best address these kinds of musculo-skeletal issues include:
•    wheat sprouts supplement (2 to 6 capsules a day)
•    blue-green algae (1 to 2 tsp once or twice a day)
•    noni juice
•    mangosteen juice from XanGo (1 ounce a day)
•    alfalfa hay ( 1 or 2 flakes a day)

Fire Horse Uro-Genital Support
Fire mares seem to be very prone to cystic ovaries and need significant uro-genital support. This is especially likely if exercise is restricted by stall confinement or the mare becomes emotionally frustrated. The herb Buck Mountain licorice (8cc of the tincture twice a day for up to 2 weeks) works well for the pain and inflammation associated with this condition, as do herbal formulas containing Dong Quai root, which balance the Liver.

Feeding the Fire Horse Summary
In summary, the Fire horse temperament is sensitive, emotional, and does not handle stress well. The Fire horse is high-energy and needs to move, but is not strong enough for heavy, prolonged physical training. If confined or overworked the digestive tract of the Fire horse suffers. Without good digestion, the immune system and emotional state of the Fire horse are also compromised. Supporting the Fire horse with Yin building, cooling, and bitter foods will support balance and good health. Madalyn

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