Waiting for baby goaties

Why do we get so excited about newborn babies. Yes, they are cute but they are a huge amount of work. I have cleaned the goat stall and set up the area for milking. Set in my supply of organic alfalfa and worked on the fence.

Both of my nanny goats are due any day now and I am very impatient. They both are huge and have full bags but yet no babies. Each morning I come out expectantly but Sally and Sissy are in no hurry.

God is in no hurry either. He wants us to be excited but then he makes us wait on him. What’s with that? It is not about our timing, but only His. Waiting is part of the faith that he wants us to have in Him. In return for our faith and obedience He showers us with gifts way past our imagination.

As I have gotten older, and wiser, I am learning to enjoy the wait as much as the event. Instead of waiting I think anticipating. Instead of getting impatient I focus on being excited. Yet, sometimes I lapse.

I am sure the kids will get here soon and I have hens sitting on 18 eggs so baby chicks will be coming as well. Looks like I am going to get lots of practice in patience. Madalyn

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