The Fire Dog

June 2022 – Mid-Month By: Dr. Madalyn Ward –

When you think of a Fire dog you can think about a Poodle. The Fire dog loves attention and praise. The balanced Fire dog is full of joy and exuberance. The organs associated with Fire include the Heart and Small Intestine.

When the Fire dog is out of balance you can see over excitability and digestive upsets. Also if your Fire dog gets out of balance you can see anxiety and clinging behavior. I love Focus hemp for this. Micro doses of 1 to 2 drops per 20 pounds is all that is needed but you need to continue this daily and not just when your dog seems nervous. The daily dosing is what shifts the emotional state gradually into full balance.

If you want to develop the best feeding plans for dogs, based on Five Element thinking, the book Four Paws Five Directions is excellent. For herbal support for the Fire dog I love algae, especially the one with the cell wall removed. This product provides wonderful nutrition without contributing to hyperactivity. It helps with mental focus and relaxation. It comes in capsule form and can be fed at the rate of about 1/2 capsule once or twice a day per 20 pounds. An algae combination with antioxidants and probiotics is also great for the Fire dog. With this you get calming and support for the digestion, 1/4 tsp per 20 pounds per day is a good guideline but you can feed more of less.

Fire dogs, like Fire horses, are wonderful companions. They are fun and friendly but sensitive. When you have a Fire dog you never need to be concerned they are hiding their emotions. They let you know what they need and when you take care of these needs they give you joy in return.

Our horse balance formulas can work equally well in dogs. If you desire to use our Balance formulas for dogs we can provide smaller bags. 

Here is a link to my YouTube video comparing the Fire Horse to the Fire Dog