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Holistic Horsemanship: Remi excels at clinic

I rode my Yang Ming horse temperament, gelding, Remi, in a Tom Curtain horsemanship clinic last weekend. He was a star. This will be the third Tom Curtain clinic for Remi and it has been a blast to see him progress. The first clinic he could barely canter he was so stiff and tight. I … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horsemanship – Who trains who?

My horsemanship mentor, Linda Hoover, always says if you are not training the horse then he is training you. Another mentor, Tom Curtain, says you should ride a horse not let the horse take you for a ride. Both of these great horseman and others such as Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman have made me … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horsemanship – Are you soft around your horse?

Don’t you love those little zingers you get from God. Here I am, not even through my first cup of coffee, having my morning meditation time with God and he zips in one of those zingers. With my horses I am always wanting them to be light and soft in their responses. I was asking … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horsemanship: Is your horse well trained AND gentle?

I once assumed well trained and gentle meant the same thing. That was multiple horse injuries ago. Now I understand there is a big difference. My mule, Tess, is a great example of the difference between well trained and gentle. I took Tess to a Buck Brannaman clinic when she was 17 years old. This … Continue Reading »