RELAX – Repercussions from Chronic Stress

May 2022 – Mid-Month By: Dr. Madalyn

Dr. Madalyn Ward and Martini

I remember taking riding lessons as a kid and my trainer yelling at me to relax. Well, I don’t think relaxing is something you can do on demand. At least, I couldn’t do it. Relaxation is something that my body has to find in a passive way. For me, relaxation occurs when I acknowledge and release the thoughts that are causing anxiety of fear.

So why does my trusty Shao Yin (Fire/Water) mare go from relaxed grazing to anxiety when I go to catch her? She is reacting to me! So, if I want my mare to relax, I want to find relaxation for myself. This is not such an easy process. There is a lot of scary stuff happening in the world. If I focus on the world, I get anxious. So more and more I am finding relaxation in trusting that there is a higher vibrational energy that has my best interests in mind. Of course, my mare has been trying to tell me this for years.

Because I have spent so many years trying to control my world and freaking out about everybody else’s world, I have done some damage to my body. My Temperament Type is Tai Yang (Water/Fire) so my kidney and adrenal glands are my weakest organs. The adrenal glands produce hormones to help the body deal with stress. I have really given mine a workout and they are just not strong anymore.

I have had testing that has shown very weak adrenal function, but I can tell more easily because my mid back gets tight when I get stressed. The mid back area is right over where the adrenal glands are located. For the last 6 months I have been taking a product called Phyto Adrenal. I take a dropper every morning and if I feel my mid back get tight during the day, I take another dose and my back releases immediately.

I noticed that my mare was also showing some mid back tightness, so I started her of 1 cc of Phyto Adrenal daily. Shao Yin horses don’t handle stress well and I had been taking her on lots of trail rides and I think she needed a break. The improvement in our interactions since both of us have been taking Phyto Adrenal has been really interesting. I find it easier to find my relaxed state and Martini stays relaxed when I stay relaxed.

We have been doing some fun ground exercises and both of us are ready to do some riding again. I plan to stay on Phyto Adrenal. Martini doesn’t need it as often now, but she still likes it and opens her mouth willingly when I offer it to her. If you are feeling stressed, you can let go of the need to control and trust a higher power to guide you. This is so important. To address the physical repercussions from chronic stress I love Phyto Adrenal.

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