Price vs Value x Trust

Madalyn on horsebackA company I have been working with for 20 years just raised its prices. The products I use the most were raised the most. I love these products, I use a ton of them myself and recommend them for animals. Many of my friends have also been using these products a long time.

I spent much of the afternoon sitting out on my patio looking at the new product descriptions and price list. I was trying to get excited about the great new product additions to the line but my mind kept coming back to my favorites. How were we all going to afford the new prices? I was racking my brain trying to think of any product on the market that would do what these products do.

I started praying and asking for guidance on how to go forward. I kept getting the message to just keep doing what I was doing. This did not make sense to me. People’s budgets, including my own, are already so tight. I did not want anyone to have to cut back or go without these products. I kept looking at the price list and comparing the old price to the new. It just seemed so unfair.

Then I looked more closely. Good God! Some of the products were not only more expensive but they only contained half as much. What the heck? Now I was really upset. I calmed down and called the company. This is a good company. They care and I know that. Sure enough the order operator patiently explained that some of the product formulas had been significantly improved allowing the same results with lower amounts. Sure enough these enhanced formulas were included in my favorite products.

Now I had my answer. I would be using less for the same results. This made the price increases on my favorites much more in line with the moderate increases on the other products. Whew. Still not happy to be paying more but at least I did not feel like I was being personally singled out to pay the most:). The thing is, I trust this company. If they raise their prices I know it is not without consideration for the customers. I know that quality ingredients are expensive but they are worth it. Quality has value that justifies the price.

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